Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Lucky Girl by Cate Lord

4 Stars
I enjoyed the romantic comedy of Lucky Girl by Cate Lord.
Jess is a writer of a beauty magazine in Florida, she is 29 and single. Her fiance 4 months ago broke up with her after he cheated on her. She is going to a cousin's wedding in England to be a maid of honor. Jess is determened to have a great time with her cousins.
At the wedding Nick is one of the bridegrooms and in the past at Jess's Grandfather funeral afterwards she was drunk and upset she was throwing up into a plant he saw and comforted her.
Jess is embrassed but flirts with him at the reception even though he is with someone else. Nick flirts back and almost Kissed her did get shaving cream on her. Her other cousins Charlotte & Anna have a good time at the wedding.  All three are single.
Jess keeps running into Nick on her vacation and gets into embrassing situations with him or caught by him. Like jess and her cousins start playing with makeup and they go wild in ways you dont put make up on each other when a knock at the door is Nick and they don't want to answer but he doesn't give up.
Or talking about him and he walks up and hears what she is saying. Or breaks his toilet seat after thinking she caught him and girl friend making out in his room at a party.
It was a good book to relax and enjoy the romance of them falling in love. Also good to see cousins having great time together.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

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