Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where all the Dead Lie by J.T. Ellison

Taylor was shot in the head on her last case. In a coma for 2 weeks. She still doesn't have a voice. They won't let her be a cop till she gets well.  She is angery at Baldwin her fiance who works for the FBI for keeping a secret that he has a son and is looking for him. She feels guilty for not saving Sam's baby and her sargent eye and girl friend.
Memphis is a detective who lives in London who is in love with her, offers her to live in his house in Scottland to heal.  He also has a friend who can work with her to help her get her voice back and get over the last case.
Baldwin has been called out of town on a case. So Taylor takes Memphis up on the offer. His old house ends up to be a castle with 17 bedrooms complete with ghosts.
Memphis likes Maddie his dr. friend at first her therapy working. Then Taylor has nightmares and sees ghost and takes too many pills. Not sure what is real or not.  Learns that Memphis wife died 1 year ago and he took her to the bridge and kissed her where the accident happened.
Its a little different from her other stories not so much detecting as coping with trauma of last case. enjoyed it.
I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB MIRA

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