Monday, April 23, 2012

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton

4 Stars
I remember reading some stories about Aunt Dimity and Lori awhile ago.  I would love to reread them all.
This is a detective story and a treasure hunt from the past. No one was murdered but I got involved in the hunt and could not wait to see how it all ended.
The town of Finch in England's West Midlands like to gossip about each other and spy on one another.  So when someone new was moving in everyone watched to see what the new comer wore and what she was moving into her cottage.
The tearoom had big windows and had a good view of the cottage that Mrs. Amelia Thistle was the new widow who bought the cottage. The tearoom was full of villagers waiting to get their look when she pulled up in front of her cottage.
Lori was sharing her table with Charles Bellingham and Grant Tavistock. After seeing Mrs Amelia Thistle arrive Charles and Grant hurried out to their own house without waiting to see what was moved into the cottage. Lori followed them and they told her that was not her real name. That she was a famous painter and had a following of crackpots who developed a religion around her art.  She could not go anywhere without bodyguards they even bought property in her gated estate to camp out to stalk her.
Lori the next day went to welcome her with a box of cookies and a breakfast casserole.  She was welcomed by a hungry, confused lady. Who took her into the kitchen saying she was starved. Had not found her dishes and the stores where closed last night before she got food.  Lori fixed her tea while she ate and help clean up front room. Then she asked if she was really May the famous painter.
May was disapointed that someone saw through her and recongized her from the first day.
May explained that she moved to town to finsh her late brothers work of find a secret manuscript that was discovered the first page in one of the cottages years ago written in latin from the 1700's. Her brother translated the first page and the author was the preacher of Finch at that time.  Thier was a drawing that was a clue to the next page of a manuscript.
Lori said tomorrow she would help her find out more and keep her identy a secret.  Other neighbors were coming to welcome her and Lori suggested that she have them shop and unpack for her and get settled in for today.
Lori has a relative from the past leave her home and money but also a journal that a ghost of Aunt Dimity lived in and wrote her part of conversations in. Aunt Dimity recongized the drawing and sugested that they look at the painting in the old church tomorrow for the next clue.
The story is engaging as more and more of the town get involved in the search for the missing pages and they learn what happened to the witch at that time when witch trials were going on in the 1600's.
May's crazy followers show up in town and try to find where she lives now.
Its a fun hunt to find the truth about the rest of story. I will read more from Nancy in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
04/24/2012 PUB Viking Adult

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