Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Baby's First Homecoming by

This is the third book in the series that I have read and like them.
It opens up with Sierra  Powell coming home for her brothers double wedding, and bringing the son she never told them she had.
Sierra was alone and depressed and gave her son up for adoption under pressure and they gave her back her son three weeks ago.
Sierra thought it would be safe to bring him home because the father of her son was married and lived in Texas, or so she thought.
Her family was glad to have Sierra back and threw her a surprise home party. Everyone was surprised when Jamie started crying at the noise of everyone shouting surprise. Jamie being a little over 1 and just gone to his mother 3 weeks ago did not do well with others.
Clay having gone in business with her brothers, divorced and got over thier family feud was thier for her welcoming back. Figured out fast that he was the father.
Thier is a lot healing and forgiveness on a lot of the different characters in the book.  When different people learned what had happened in the past from other point of views.
This book was a very fast read it seemed to fly through it. Look forward to reading more of her books.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
04/03/2012 PUB  Harlequin    Harlequin American Romance

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