Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Kiss in the Wind by Jennifer Bray-Weber

It was a different take on pirates story. I stayed up till I had finshed it.
Thier are some love scenes, violence in the content. The story had some twists I did not expect.
Marisol Castellan snuck off the pirate ship to intercept a message that might lead to her missing brother. While she was picking the message their was a fight and gone went off killing the owner.  Escaping from soldiers she snuck in tavern back room and exchanged her dress. Trying to go out the front she gets into more trouble Captain Blade Tyburn rescues her and escort her out safely. Marisol before she leaves Blade alone steals his cameo.
Blade is a pirate captain the one thing he keeps  and fight for his  the cameo he has carried that for years. He sends two of his men to find her.  Why he is searching for the cameo he realizes she stole the note from him.
Marisol ends on the ship held till he gets his cameo back.  Blade is going where she wants to go, to search for her brother Monte.
Marisol is a very determine, strong women.  She has fought as a pirate, but she doesn't want to kill. She trained hard to learn to use knife,sword. She does not follow her captains orders to well. Loves her family very much and they also protect her.
I look forward to reading her next book. I got lost in this story and wanted the best for Marisol would love to see her back in another story.
03/26/2012 PUB.  Carina Press

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