Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sava's Wildcat by Anne McAllister

This has charming moments. It is a nice fun fast read.
Yiannis Savas wakes up early to a phone call from his 85 year old tenant asking him for a favor and take her to hospital. Yiannis has been out of the country and just got in the night before. He has no idea that she had a great grandson staying with her till he is carring Maggie out to his car when she tells him better take her car because car seat wont fit in his.
Yiannis finds himself baby sitting Harry because his mom is in Germany telling Harry's dad that he is a father. Yiannis has baby sat many times with his big family so at least he knows how to take care of Harry.
Cat MacLean rushes into town after her grandmother calls to tell her she broke a hip and is having surgery the next day. Maggy raised Cat after her parents died.  She moved to another part of the state after she broke up with Yiannis when he said he did not want to get married to her.  Cat was not happy to deal with him over the baby but she needed his help with Harry.
Cat was now engaged to marry someone else and thought she was over Yiannis. Yiannis realizes that he still wants Cat.
It is funny to watch them watch each other and realize that they are not through with each other after all.
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