Sunday, April 8, 2012

Priscilla the Great: Bring the Pain by Sybil Nelson

I hate cliff hangers at least the next book The Time Traveling Bullet is due out this month.
Priscilla is a typical teenager who can shoot fire out of her fingers.  She is 13 years old and super strong. She has risked her life a lot to save her family and others.
After her last adventure her boyfriend Marco died, her mom miscarried.
The story opens with her parents seperating and her brothers all choose to stay with their father. So Priscilla goes with her mom because she feels bad that her other three children choose him.
Priscilla talks her mom into going back to their home town and letting her go back to school with her friends.
Tai her best friend is really smart and invents gadgets that help Priscilla.  She knows all about her skills and why people are always trying to kidnap or kill her. Kyle was her best friend turn to boyfriend than broke it off because he saw Marco kiss her. Kyle finally learns the truth about Priscilla and all her new skills. He has secrets now of his own with the new female coach.
Josh her older brother sees the future sometimes and he saw Marco die on last mission so Priscilla not talking to him.
Her mom has  been a secret agent for years she was raised in a lab and was enginered. Her father is brillant scientist.
She has XI trying to kill her all the time. She is getting rid of others that won;t join her.
the books are fun,drama,action and have no bad parts would not be afraid to let teens read them. I know I have enjoyed reading them and look forward to buying the next one.

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Priscilla TheGreat said...

Thanks for the great review! Book five is due May 1st! No more cliffhangers...promise...kinda...oh, you'll just have to read it!