Saturday, April 21, 2012

Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday by Susan Mallory

4 Stars
Only Us is a novella story that is set in the town of Fool's Gold.  It is a short easy read that is heart warming.
Carina Fiore is a pet groomer who for the last year has been in love with her boss but he has no idea. Carina has also become involved with his daughter Kaitlyn and takes care of her.  Carina comes early and gets Kaitlyn dressed and ready for school. After school she is dropped off and stays a couple of hours with Carina at work then Carina takes her home and fixes dinner for the three of them and goes home.
Cameron  McKenzie is the new local Veterinarian and  has a 8 year old daughter Kaitlyn. His ex-wife walked out on them when Kaitlyn was a few days old.
He is attracted to Carina but doesn't want to act on it, because he is afraid to lose what he now has. Does not want Kaitlyn to suffer when it doesn't work out.
I got Only Us free from Amazon a while back. Love free books to try different authors.

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