Friday, March 7, 2014

Broken Trust by Shannon Baker (A Nora Abbott Mystery)


High-Tech Treachery Meets Hopi Mysticism in Colorado's Stunning Rocky Mountains

Desperate to recover from the tragic events at Kachina Ski, Nora Abbott takes her golden retriever Abbey and moves to Boulder, Colorado. Hoping for a new beginning—and a shot at redemption—she takes an accounting job at Loving Earth Trust. But it turns out the environmental trust is rife with deceit and corruption. Nearly half a million dollars is missing and one person has already been killed for knowing too much. Complicating matters are Nora's uninvited visitors: her mother, Cole Huntsman, and a Hopi Kachina that technically doesn't even exist.

As the body count climbs, Nora races to stop a deadly plot to decimate one of the planet's greatest natural resources.

My Review: Broken Trust

3 1/2stars

I believe this is book 2 of Nora Abbott Mysteries. It is the first book of it that I have read. I was surprised at some of the twists and turns the story took. The science of the book is over my head not sure what parts are fiction and what is real. But left me curious to find out more.

Since I had not read the first book I wonder how much I had missed they refer to it a lot though.
Nora sees Hopi Kachinas that no one else sees. She wonders if she is crazy for it. Nora for the past year has been by herself since she moved to Colorado. She has a hard time getting over the murder of her husband and a 17 year old girl. She is now scared of heights.

Nora finds a job at Loving Earth Trust after last accountant left in a hurry. She was murdered.
The body is found on day one of her job. Also her mom shows up at her work and a Cole from the first book turns up too.

Loving Earth Trust is supposed to be saving the planet. One of the top people is more worried about finding the right $50,000 light fixture for her house.

There are plenty of wacky characters in the story. Some you want to hate and others you pity.
The romance part is very weak and somewhat confusing on a couple of couples.
I think I would probably enjoy the book more if I had read the first book. Or at least understand some more of the characters.
was enjoyable. Loved the setting at top of mountain peak of Colorado.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review by NetGalley and Midnight Ink.
publication: March 8th 2014 by Midnight Ink 360 pages ISBN:9780738734255

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