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Widow's Revenge (Wesley Mackey, #2) by K.L. Fogg

A sequel to Serpent Tide.

You would think that having a famous adventurer for a dad would make your life a little easier. But for Wesley Mackey, his father's fame seems to only make he eighth grader a giant target. The school bully's torments never end. So, in a flash of inspiration, or perhaps desperation, Wesley courageously takes matters into his own hands -and promptly gets kicked out of school. Then things really spiral out of control. Soon Wesley finds that managing a bully is nothing compared to handling kidnappers, wild animals, and a woman who wants him to call her Mom. Now it seems his fate will be determined by the actions of his seemingly geeky new tutor and his family and friends
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Publisher: Covenant Communications (August 5, 2011)
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Language: English
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My Review: Widow's Revenge (Wesley Mackey, #2) by K.L. Fogg


This is the second book in Wesley Mackey Widow Revenge
follows the life of Wesley Mackey.
He gets into a fight, gets kidnapped, wildfire, dangerous animals in the wilderness.

Wesley Mackey now lives with his father. The woman who raised him for most of his wife is to believed to be dead. His father is accused of causing her death. His best friend is Amanda. He got kicked out of school for standing up to a bully.

Jack Mackey host of Snake stalker. He believed that years ago he lost his wife and baby boy at sea. Now he knows his son was rescued and was kept away from him. He now lives with Wesley, He is married again and twins girls.

Maggie Mackey married Jack her late twin's husband and has twin girls. She is a vet.

Amanda is Wesley's best friend. They were raised together.

It is one adventure after another adventure. Full of characters that I like. It is a clean fast read aimed at middle school readers but is a story that anyone can enjoy.

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