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Load the Boat by Rosalee Richland

Load the Boat by Rosalee Richland

· Series: Darla King Mysteries

· Paperback: 250 pages

· Publisher: Wordsmiths4u (November 19, 2013)

· ISBN-10: 0985012943

· ISBN-13: 978-0985012946 CSSynopsis

Darla King left her position as a Florida investigator hoping to avoid any further involvement with law enforcement—but her curiosity keeps getting in her way. Darla is beginning to realize that what she envisioned as the simple life of a square dance caller is not so simple after all. When Darla agrees to serve as a square dance caller on a cruise, she plans on a little work and a lot of fun, sun, and romance. Her friends from Clearton Squares have the same ideas. Instead, she and her friends discover pornographic DVDs, a dead crew member, and a mysterious man with a satchel. She lands in danger, escaping with on-the-spot ingenuity. All that and Mandy, who has bad memories from a previous cruise and is getting a little too friendly with Doug. This is the second in the Darla King series and continues her adventures.

About This Author

Cyndi Riccio and Rhonda Brinkmann joined forces to create the Darla King cozy mystery series. Darla’s curiosity often puts her squarely in the midst of unusual circumstances, and Darla can’t let go until the mystery is solved. Through Darla and her friends, readers are exposed to the warmth and friendship among square dancers, as well as the enjoyment square dancing brings worldwide.

When not writing, Darla’s co-authors enjoy reading, traveling, meeting readers and fans, networking with other authors, and – of course – square dancing. Currently they are working on Darla’s next mystery and the twists and turns it will take. If you have a chance, stop in at a book signing and find out which half of Rosalee shows up! In the meantime you can stay in touch with Rosalee and Darla on on Facebook, Goodreads, or the Darla King Series blog ( Or just search for “Rosalee Richland” anywhere in cyberspace.

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My Review:Load the Boat by Rosalee Richland


I enjoyed Load the Boat. It had mystery, drama, romance, lots of square dancing, interesting characters and clean story.

The plot Darla King is working a cruise for a week. She is working with two other callers. Her Clearton friends decided it sounds fun and joins her for a cruise and lots of square dancing.
Right off the bat they start with drama before they even get onto the boat. Mysteries are happening around Darla.

Darla King now calls for square dancing for a living. She was a lawyer. She is a widow with one daughter in college. She has gone out a little with Doug and hopes they can get closer on the cruise.

Doug is a rancher. He is part of the Clearton gang. He hopes to get closer to Darla on the cruise.
He seems interested in Mandy and dances with her a lot.

Carlotta is Darla good friend and is part of the Clearton Square dance gang. She is dating Nick.

Nick was the center of Right and Left Grand Mystery. He was saved by Doug. He is dating Carlotta now.

Sam is a widow and a part of Clearton Gang. Darla used to call them three musketeers but now the central of the friends who dance in Clearton and hangout together is called the Clearton gang.

Paul the FBI Agent we first met in Right and Left Grand has been sent to the cruise after some of the crimes found on the cruise. He is interested in Darla.

Mandy meets Darla while waiting to board. She is on the cruise by herself. She was on a cruise years ago with her parents and some thing happened. She lost both of her parents this year. She is not having good luck on her cruise.

Makes me want to go square dancing. It seems like they have a lot of fun and make good friends. It is heavy on square dancing information and dances. Which I did not mind but some might.

I like the characters, but her friends did seem to take smaller role in this book. That could because there are a lot more characters. Plus the mystery was not around the Clearton gang.

I would read another book about Darla King by Rosalee Richland in the future.

I was given this ebook to read for the purpose of giving a honest review by author.

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