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The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women by Alonzo Gaskill

The wife and the mother are the inappreciable treasures given unto you by God. They are the fairest ornaments of existence, and of them shall be born all the inhabitants of the world.” This extra-biblical text, thought to be the words of Christ, is presented and explained by Alonzo Gaskill where he expounds the divine role of women in the gospel and family. This book will help you learn how to better appreciate and respect women and their part in God’s plan.
Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort (March 11, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462113907
ISBN-13: 978-1462113903

Meet the Author:

Alonzo L. Gaskill is a professor of Church history and doctrine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a master’s in theology, and a Ph.D in biblical studies. Brother Gaskill has taught at Brigham Young University since 2003. Prior to coming to BYU he served in a variety of assignments within the church Educational System— most recently as the director of the LDS Institute of Religion at Stanford University (1995–2003).

My Review: The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women by Alonzo Gaskill


I want to share this book with my family. It has some good advice and council about honoring mothers, their worth and importance of mothers. Something that all of us could do better at.

The text that Alsonzo Gaskill shares is taken from a manuscript brought from India in the late 1800's. A scholar named Nicholas Notovitch visited a Buddhist monastery there and learned of the existence of very old documents they had which contained the teachings of Jesus.

V:9 Whosoever respecteth not his mother, the most sacred being after his God, is unworthy of the name of son.

V:10 Verily I say unto you: Respect woman, for she is the mother of the universe, and all the truth of divine creation dwells within her.

These are the first two scriptures that Alonzo discusses. There are 11 more versus that he breaks down. He also quotes scriptures from the bible, scriptures and General Authorities and other leaders.

This book is told in a way that is easy to read and understand the meanings of the teachings. It is not a big book.
For me it reinforces things I have been told before, It makes me want to call up my mother and say thank you. Too share it with my daughters so they can understand again how important it is to get married in the Temple to a worthy man. To have a family.

It also breaks down each verse in three parts. 1. The summary of the Sermon 2. Counsel to men and children 3. Counsel to women.
We are different and are meant to work together and support each other and lift them up not tear apart.

I read this book fast for this review. But I will read it again and again to remind me in the future of these principles.
I think this book would make good Mother's Day gift for the whole family to read together. Their is something for everyone to learn.
We all have mothers that gave us life. Some were better than others, but we should all be thankful for our lives.

I was given this book for purpose of giving honest review of it and being part of its blog tour.

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