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Murder A La Christie by Marilyn Levinson

Murder a la Christie by Marilyn Levinson

Murder a la Christie

Professor Lexie Driscoll is leading a discussion of Agatha Christie’s novels at the first meeting of the Golden Age of Mystery book club, when an old friend is murdered. A free spirit, Lexie finds herself outside her element housesitting in the upscale village of Old Cadfield. As she unravels secret after secret, more members are murdered. Lexie employs Miss Marple’s knowledge of human nature and Hercule Poirot’s cunning to find the killer.

About The Author

Marilyn Levinson, a former Spanish teacher, writes mysteries, romance, and books for children and young adults.

Her romantic suspense, DANGEROUS RELATIONS, is a love story entwined with an intriguing mystery. GIVING UP THE GHOST is an entertaining ghost mystery. A new edition of A MURDERER AMONG US, which won a Best Indie award from Suspense Magazine in 2011, and its sequel, MURDER IN THE AIR, are out with Untreed Reads this winter. A ghost, a mansion, and a feral Maine Coon cat feature in Marilyn’s most recent YA, GETTING BACK TO NORMAL. Three of her popular out-of-print children’s books, AND DON’T BRING JEREMY, NO BOYS ALLOWED, and RUFUS AND MAGIC RUN AMOK are now available as ebooks.

Marilyn is co-founder and past-president of the Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime. She lives on Long Island.
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My Review: Murder A La Christie by Marilyn Levinson


This Murder Mystery is different in the types of mysteries I have been reading lately. It is a deeper read. Most of the suspects I did not like.

The setting for the book is a book club in a ritzy old neighborhood. They are studying Agatha Christie novels. The leader of the book club is Professor Lexie Driscoll.

The tear down of Agatha Christie books was interesting. Made me want to go back and read some more of her books. Since Lexie teaches at a University the book club was at a higher level. I liked the book club meeting the most.

Starting at the first meeting one of the members died. Lexie thinks it might be murder. No one else believes that. Then their is more murders with each meeting.

Lexie is one of suspects so she decides to use Agatha's novels to help her figure out who the guilty party is and why, before she is accused of the murder.

I really did not feel much except disgust at some of the characters. I like Lexie and she starts liking two different guys she is meeting.

Everything in the book was their for the main plot. No lighter side really and we only learn about why someone might be suspects
or not. Lots of drama, characters, lot of talk of mystery writers and their works, plus it is a clean read.

If Lexie did more book clubs where the members did not die I would have loved being a member of it.

I was given this ebook to read for purpose of reviewing it and being part of its blog tour.


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Marilyn Levinson said...

Thank you for reviewing Murder a la Christie. I'm glad you enjoyed the discussions about the Christie novels.