Monday, March 3, 2014

Green Eyes in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters (A HumorousTiffany Black Mystery #2)

When cupcake-loving croupier and private investigator Tiffany Black witnesses a handsome, green-eyed man making a getaway after an art heist, she finds her normally chaotic life becoming even more complicated.

Tiffany flits between her two new cases – investigating the missing Van Gogh, and the murder of a Hollywood starlet with a secret life. When her investigation takes an intriguing turn and a man with mesmerising green eyes comes into her life, Tiffany starts to wonder if this man might be the missing link between both crimes...

When her octogenarian friend Glenn starts dating a very inappropriate woman, and Nanna starts calling a twenty-something-year-old her “boyfriend”, Tiffany wonders if being attracted to a potential criminal might not be so crazy after all.

As she follows the investigation from movie sets to museums, danger strikes a little too close to home when Tiffany discovers that not only was the dead girl being stalked, someone with a deadly motive appears to be watching her too...

My Review:Green Eyes in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters


I liked Green Eyes in Las Vegas. It was funny, lot of interesting characters, lots of suspects. It is a cozy mystery.

Tiffany Black is a casino dealer. She is also a brand new P.I. She has a crazy family, goofy neighbors and gets into a lot of trouble. Just by being herself.

Tiffany walking home after work sees a man in ski mask, in a suit & parachute off the strip. He has green eyes that wink at her gets into a car and disappears. She can't stop thinking about him. She finds out their was a art theft in that neighborhood.

Tiffany gets her second case looking into a actress murder. The cops just think it was a burglary gone wrong. Her friend thinks they are wrong and they don't know everything about her.

Tiffany's family keeps getting reports that she is doing dangerous things. Like for example when she goes to a strip club. Her mom keeps fixing her up with guys.

It seems someone is always watching her. Then she finds pictures of her and a threat in her apartment.

In some ways she reminds me of Stephanie Plumb. Except for a cleaner story and her cars are not exploding all the time.

The setting for the book is Las Vegas. It is fast paced book.

I want to read more books by A.R. Winters in the future. They are fun entertaining story.

I was given this ebook and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley.

03/07/2014 Published ISBN 9781596446588

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I thought this was a fun book!