Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dark Tide by Susan Sleeman (The Justice Agency#5)


Gina Evans knows her brother was murdered—even if the police won't believe her. After catching a quick glimpse of the evidence her brother had gathered, the same criminals are after her and her baby niece. And Gina's only hope is the man she left behind. Despite the painful memories, private investigator Derrick Justice won't fail Gina and her baby. Yet now, the woman he never stopped loving and the baby he's come to adore are in a killer's crosshairs. But can Derrick trap the cold-blooded murderer before he strikes again?

The Justice Agency: Family and law enforcement go hand in hand

My Review: Dark Tide

I have enjoyed reading all 5 of the Justice Agency books. 3 brothers and two sisters after the death of their parents all decide to come and give up their work in different law backgrounds to find their parents killers. They decide to open their own agency. All 5 of the children were adopted and are close to each other.

Dark Tide is the last of the single Justices. This is Derrick's story and his old college girl friend Gina.

I really like the characters how they all pull together to help others. They are willing to risk their lives to protect those in need. Sophia is a scene stealer. She is only 7 months old and has already lost her parents in two separate car accidents.

Gina is scared and turns to her former boyfriend to ask for help finding her brothers killer and keeping her niece safe. I like her she is smart, changed her life when her sister-in-law died to help her brother.

Derrick has issues in his past and he is afraid to commit to a relationship. They had a tough break up.

The setting is California modern day

This is full of mystery, action and drama. It is also a clean romance book. I smiled a lot to the different characters who were having fun with the baby. It is also a Christian romance not afraid to bring up a scripture or a prayer when needed. Not preaching just something the character would do and say naturally.

I am sad to see this series ends and hopes Susan keeps writing. I will continue to look for her books in the future.

I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin.

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (March 1, 2014) 224 pages ASIN: B00FBZCWLY

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