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Web of Secrets by Susan Sleeman (Agents Under Fire #3)


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My review:  Web  of Secrets by Susan Sleeman (Agents Under Fire #3)


I have read all three books so far in this series and have enjoyed them.  Web of Secrets fits right in.  They are about 3 FBI Agents who all work in computer crimes.  They are strong female characters.  Web of Secrets is FBI Agent Becca Lange story.

Becca has kept some big secrets she has kept from everyone.  We do know that she has been a foster kid and her foster sister Molly disappeared decades ago.  She fears she was a victim of Van Gogh a serial killer who cut off the ears and murdered foster kids teenage girls.

Becca was almost a victim.  She is a expert on him and kept up on him.  He is now started killing again.

Police detective Connor Warren and Becca have been fighting a attraction to each other but both have been fighting it for different reasons.  Connor has some information on Becca's current computer cards theft and wants to work with her.  When Connor then gets the Van Gogh case and wants to get Becca's information on the case.

In this book their is good mix of cases and personal drama.  I like Becca and Connor and watched them grow closer.  I like how they grow as characters but remains a clean read.  The story works for me on all levels.  
I wonder if Taylor a new member of there FBI team will have a book with her as a main character.  I would want to read it.

You can read any one of the three books alone, but I would read them in order to see how the different relationships start,

I was given this ebook to read for free by NetGalley and Bell Bridge Books.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of Web of Secrets.

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