Sunday, May 29, 2011

review: Borrowed Saints by Aaron Polson

Tucker and his sister Phoebe moved to a small town to live with thier uncle after thier parents died in car crash.  Tucker was starting his senior year, phoebe was a freshman.  Tucker liked to draw but didnt like his art teacher. Ellen was in his art class and showed hime a ghost train. Haley was the rich girl and snob and was interested in tucker. was making life hard on Phoebe always being rude. Charlie was trying to prove that thier was ghosts even had some equipment. He also wanted to be charlies friend.
Tucker felt somthing was wrong with the town after feeling and seeing weird at Haley party and than later when Ellen shows him the ghost train.  When tucker tried to show it to Charlie and he could not see it. He realized he was senstive to seeing more than most people.  Phoebe was hearing voices in her head to cut herself.
Thier was somthing missing it seamed like in one spot. also the ending I wasn't happy with. It left some things up in the air. Maybe another book with these characters in. If so I will read it. I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
4 stars

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