Monday, May 2, 2011

review Getting Away is Deadly: A mom zone mystery by sara Rosett

I enjoyed reading and now want to read others in the series.  Ellie and mitch were going to have a vacation together. Had her parents to take the 3 yr old and dog to dogcare camp.  When the airforce decided Mitch should take some training in Washington DC. So Ellie decided to cash in thier airlines tickets and go with Mitch.  Her good friend Abby and her husband was going to the same training.  So the airforce wives got together and hired a tour guide to show them what subway stations to get on and off and where to go to see what museums and tourist spots to see.
Ellie and Abby where both pregant and visited all the bathrooms and tourist spots. Ellie cousing was going to DC at same time to meet with someone who was in Korea with her dad. she did not know how her dad died or what her family would not talk about it and where ashamed. but her child had come down with chicken pox, so Ellie was going to take her place and find out what she could.
Ellie was also going to get together with Mitch's sister Summer who was back their at collage. Summer was late meeting with Ellie and called to say the police were interviewing her about a murder. The police thought Summer and maybe Ellie helped to push a guy in front of subway.  So Ellie was motivated to find the real person who pushed him.
So Ellie finds out what a lot of people around her who were suspious and gets involved in wierd ways. It was enjoyable who dun it book.  4 stars

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Unknown said...

Sounds interesting! I love books with different storylines, and two pregnant women traveling is definitely right up my alley!