Sunday, May 29, 2011

review: The Goblin Market by Jennifer hudock

Christina is walking home with Will, when he asks her to marry him. She goes the rest of the way by herself so she can think and have an answer for him.  All of a sudden a goblin market is in her way. They are calling her offering her the best of fruit and she eats too much of it and is poisoned.
The goblin king is searching for his missing bride and it is Christina older sister that raised her. Meredith does not believe him and asks him to save her sister. He agrees if she can make it too his castle he will heal her.
So Meredith goes to goblin market to find the start of her quest and they try and force her to eat the poison fruit and attack her. She is rescued by Him and a pixie and he takes her to his brother who knows the history of thier lands and to help her rescue her sister.  They go and fall in love and have stumbling blocks before they get to the castle.
the ending part of the book I was not happy with. thier is another book comming out soon that might clear up my questions. Be the way I would like it to go.  was given the book to review by library

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