Tuesday, May 24, 2011

review : So close the hand of death by J.T. Ellison

I can tell thier were other books in the series before this but I did not feel lost at all.Taylor is homacide LT. in Nashville. Dr. Baldwin works with FbI profiling they are engaged. A serail killer called Pretender is focused on Taylor and wants to play with her. Pretender has helpers he is training they are killing in LA, Boston, NY following different killers mo. He has made all these big plans to draw taylor into. the start of the book he has kidnapped her sargent and took his eyeball out and killed his fiance to get her to go to North Carolina. Their are so many victims and strings its hard to focus she has to be overwhelmed and her fiance is hiding things from her. This books has lots of twists and turns before its all wrapped up. It was hard to put the book down last night and first thing i did this morning was get it out again. I will definately look for her other books. I want to get to know the characters better and see how they worked together in past books and hope for more of them if the future. I was given the book by Library thing in exchange of honest review

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