Friday, May 6, 2011

Review Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark

its a typical regan mystery. I liked it.  Regan is a P.I who lives in New York with her husband police detective Jack. Regan found out for a high school friend that the guy she is dating got engaged the night before. Regan and Jack are going to New Jersey shore to be with her parents Nora whos a author and her father Luke.
Nora's old friend from school calls her up and tells her mother has sold the house and selling everything all of a sudden and would she go check on her mom. She in L.A. and is catching a flight out later that day.  So nora gets regan to come down earlier in the day with her.  It has a few different stories threads that all tie in together at the end. Like to see how the characters have grown and changed over the years. 4 stars

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