Monday, May 2, 2011

may wins

Rise of the Raven by Steven R. Drennon (librarythings)
Harris Channing's, *
Harris Channing's, *The Demon is in the Details*  won from coffee and romance blog.

Ballsack bys0nicfreak(librarythings
Burden Kansas by Alan Ryker.(library things)

 A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle by R. W. Holmen(library things)Look at Flower by Robert Dunn
Half a life by darin strauss  showed up in mailbox
Not Everything Brainless is Dead by Joshua Price(library things)
 Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas
The Journey by Laura Lond
The Crescent Dunes by Steven Barclay
Just Another Day in Paradise by Katherine TomlinsonSummoning by Debi Faulkner
The Brujo---book version---four university professors learn a lesson the hard way by Ernest Kinnie At the Devil's Table: The Untold Story of the Insider Who Brought Down The Cali Cartel by William C. Rempel
Summoning by Debi Faulkner
Crossroads Road: A Novel by Jeff Kay
 Beneath the Shadows by Jarius Raphel
Sunset Lavaflies by Scott Niven
Priscilla the great,Priscilla the Great 2: The Kiss of Life by Sybil NelsonThe Broken Sword (Halcyon #2) by Joseph Robert Lewis LT
The Book of Biff #5 Split Personality by Chris Hallbeck LT
Two Lives... One Diary by

JM Array from I am a reader not a writer blog
Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
 Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles by Chris Adonn LT
 Fixing Cupid by Cristian YoungMiller  LT
The Eyes that See by Chris Adonn( LT)
My True Essence by Shawneda Marks  (LT)
 "Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide" by Jill Homer  (LT)
 Criticality The Complete First Season by Edmund Alexander Sims (lt) Vestal Virgin--Suspense in Ancient Rome by Suzanne Tyrpak  (LT) Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire by Maria T. Holmes (LT)
 Borrowed Saints by Aaron POLSON (LT)
Disturbed by Kevin O'Brien(LT)
  A Line Blurred by Bryan Healey (LT)
Laying the Odds by C. R. Daems, JR Tomlin (LT)

Hull's Landing by James Melzer (LT)
The Goblin Market by Jennifer Hudock (LT)
Passions of the Dead by L.J. Sellers (LT)
Mini-Collection by Hank Quense (LT)
The Sex Club by L.J. Sellers
 Vallar by Cindy Borgneof
The End of the World by Andrew Biss
Babel by Gill James

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