Friday, May 27, 2011

review Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnet

I enjoyed watching Melissa meet Jason and watch them fall in love. Melissa came to her best friends Mitch's wedding. She was feeling depressed not only was Mitch now marrying Ann but he was moving away from college and starting a new job. Melissa had a lot of friends at the wedding, but she didn't know the handsome usher who seated her at the wedding untill she saw him seat Mitch's parents and realized it was Jason his younger brother that last fall they had flirted over the internet for a few weeks.  Jason kept stareing at Melissa too and finally at the reception realized that was who she was. Also durning the wedding some guy was bugging and scaring Melissa and Jason and melissa friends scared him away.
Melissa was both flirty and shy with jason because he was at school back east and she in CA. The next day Jason went back with her to her empty apartment because of the scare and did not want to leave her and watch them fall in love and see all the friends she has Melissa had a hard time thinking that in 5 days she wont see Jason again. I loved the characters and wanted to see more of them. I did not want to say goodbye either. I was given the ebook in exchange of review when done.
4 stars

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