Sunday, May 1, 2011

review: Love me if you must by Nicole young

Patricia buys old homes lives in them and fixes up them for resell. She bought an old victorian house that some say is haunted, Of course she moved in October.  Patricia gets the idea that thier is a body in her basement buried in cement. she spent 3 years in prison for murdering her grandmother.
David comes to welcome her to nieghborhood and be friend hers.  she finds he is married but divorce papers are in the works.  he is from england and does computer works.
brad is her nieghbor next door a cop. But she has a fear of cops.
She does find a new body in basement and she is arreseted for killing him.  because she had motivae and opportunity.  So she has to find out who killed him so she wont be convicted of his murder.
Its a enteraing mystery

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