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Review :Secondhand Stiff by Sue Ann Jaffarian (An Odelia Grey Mystery )


This is my first Odelia Grey Mystery but hopefully not my last. It kept me guessing till the end. Easy to read and follow. Does make me curious to read previous books but definitely not needed. The regular cast of characters are well developed. As a middle age heavyset woman it is fun to see one as a lead. Her husband is in a wheel chair but it does not stop him much at all.

The plot was laid out step by step as they found different clues and reasoned out what was going on. That at the end it all fit and made perfect sense. Odelia, her mom Grace, her mother-in-law Renee and her husband's cousin Ina were all at a auction of storage units. Ina invited them but one of the storage units when unlocked they found Ina's husband dead inside sitting in a chair.

Ina was arrested because she had in her purse a unregistered handgun and no permit. Ina is not talking to even her lawyer. Greg her cousin wants to help find the real killer and get his cousin out of jail.

Ina is a heavyset women who keeps having dead bodies turn up around her. She works for a lawyer and sometimes works from her home. Her mother came to visit for Thanksgiving and is staying longer. Her husband Greg has a shop. He does not like her finding dead bodies all the time. Ina is always curious and sticks her nose into solving the cases. This time Greg likes her to jump into the case.

The cops don't like her sticking her nose in them. One of the detectives on the case used to be partners with Odelia's friend. She warns her off when she sees her at the storage unit. But when Odelia calls the police with information she is taken serious but told again to stay out of their business. Unless they want her to do something for them.

Odelia has a smart mouth sometimes. She does not like to be told that she and her mom are alike in some ways. Grace finds that she wants to figure out what is going on too and even threatens Odelia if she leaves her home she will call a cab and follow her own leads too.

This is a very modern up to date mystery with ipads, storage wars, lunch trucks with fancier food. It has a real modern feel to it.
I would love to read more of Sue Ann Jaffarian novels in the future especially Odelia Grey Mystery.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it when finished by Netgalley and Midnight Ink.
12/08/2013 PUB Midnight Ink

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Odelia uncovers a deadly storage war

Spending Thanksgiving with her faultfinding mother has Odelia more tightly wound than a turkey in November. But her husband's cousin Ina, who shows up for dinner with ugly bruises and without her two-timing husband, clearly has it worse. Wild horses can't stop Odelia's mom from tagging along with Ina, who runs a consignment shop, to a storage auction. Everyone is shocked when Ina's husband is found inside a storage locker—dead.

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