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Revies: Jane Blond International Spy by Brianna & Stan Schatt

Jane blond
Jane Blond – International Spy
Fourteen year old Jane thought getting through high school was difficult enough with her dad in prison and her mother dating. Throw in being bullied
by the popular girl who has everything- it’s completely unbearable. But when terrorists kidnap a boy she cares about, she knows she is the only one who can save him.
International Spy, Jane Blond, must prevent terrorists from blowing up her school during the President’s visit. She’ll need all of her courage along with the help of a teen with CIA secrets, a friend with Asperger’s and a parrot with an attitude.
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“Please step over here,” one guard said pointing to a secluded spot away from the line of students trying to enter the building. I shrugged at Anouk. She nodded and turned to go in. I knew she’d wait for me inside. I noticed the guard talking into his cell phone. He stared at me as if I were some kind of criminal.
The guards made me sit in a chair that they placed against the museum wall. One of them started to put his hand on my shoulder, but then he seemed to reconsider and pulled his hand away.
“Don’t move from that seat,” one guard said. He kept turning back and glancing at me while he checked kids going through the line. The guard whose stomach hung over his belt turned to his companion.
“Larry, why don’t you sit with her while we wait for the cavalry?”
Larry was a thin older man who had lost most of his light brown hair. He looked at me and shuddered. “Why don’t you? I’m not going to get shot full of radiation for what they’re paying me!”
I hadn’t thought of that. I thought about all the pictures I’d seen of kids with cancer who had lost their hair and were living on borrowed time. As I sat there, bored, my mind created an Oscar award-winning movie in which I starred as this doomed girl dying of cancer. I interrupted my movie when I saw two men with black suits, white shirts, and identical blue ties heading my way. My first thought was that these men looked like they belonged in the movie Men in Black, but then I realized they had to be the FBI and they were very real.
They each reached into their shirt pockets and handed me their FBI business cards. The burly one with the broken nose was named James Robinson. He told me he was the special agent in charge, whatever that meant. The older, skinny agent with the greasy hair and pitted face introduced himself as Frank Jefferson. They led me to an unmarked car and told me that they were driving me downtown to the FBI Building. I had seen enough movies and Law & Order TV shows to know what I wanted to do.
“I’m not talking to you without my mother and my lawyer present,” I said.
Mister Robinson turned from the passenger seat and smiled at me like I was some kind of idiot. “You really don’t need to do that, dear. We just want to clear up the problem. If you insist on a lawyer, it will take a long time and we’ll have all kinds of paperwork to fill out. You don’t want to do that to us, do you?”
“Sure. The more paperwork the better,” I said. I wasn’t crazy about anyone associated with law enforcement after the way they had all treated Dad.
“Last chance. Do you still want a lawyer?” This time Mr. Robinson glared at me. I could see black hairs growing out of one of his nostrils and smell his disgustingly-sweet cologne. God, I wondered what he smelled like if he needed to douse himself with perfume. Like I was going to let this guy with bad hygiene scare me! I knew from watching Law & Order on TV that no one could be questioned once they asked for a lawyer. I also knew that they had to let me call Mom.
“I won’t say another word without my mother and lawyer,” I said, and folded my arms across my chest. I read in the body language book that doing this meant I was closed and unavailable. I silently thanked my luck for finding that book on the New Book shelf at the library.
The FBI men put me in a small room after taking my purse, including my cell phone. I decided to play it cool. I closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep because I knew they were probably using a special hidden camera to watch me. Finally Agent Jefferson came back into the room and handed me the phone to call my mother. He stood close to me and looked over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t call anyone else.
I breathed a sigh of relief when Mom answered.
“Where are you?” Mom said.
“I’m in the Federal Building downtown in the FBI’s office. These agents took me with them after one of their Geiger counters went off.” “They WHAT?”
“Yeah. They took me with them. I told them I wouldn’t say another word to them without you and a lawyer being present.”

My review: Jane Blond International Spy by Brianna & Stan Schatt


Entertaining.   this is a exciting YA  adventure involving teen drama, terrorist plot and the President
s visit. .  Did not want to put this down. It is a clean read too.

Jane Blond is fourteen years old and goes to a private school. Her father is in jail for a white collar crime. Her Uncle has taught her skills like to pick a lock, shoot a gun in secret.

Jane is smart, puts clues together that the adults don't see.  She is determined to help those around her, especially when a boy she likes is kidnapped.

Jane has some enemies in school.  Two rich students who don't like America and what it stands for. 
They are popular too. Jane has one really good friend who has a lot of drama in her life too.

The setting is Washington D.C.

Jane gets teased by her name but comes to earn it too.

I would read more books about Jane Blond in the future.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give a honest review of Jane Blond International Spy.

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