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A Cascades Christmas by Mildred Colvin Debby Lee, Gina Welborn and Mary Davis


A Cascades Christmas is four novels in one collection about 4 friends come to a small town in Washington. It's 1888 thier is a logging business, saw mill town. All four books are clean reads and I enjoyed them.

Home for the Holidays by Mildred Colvin

Anna Wilkin loves being a tomboy, she loves to fish and work outside with her father when she gets the chance. She also wears pants outside but her mother does not know about that. Her father does though. Her mother and sister always telling she needs to grow up and be a lady.
At a Christmas party at her's friends house she gets knocked into the new comer Jeremiah Tucker. When fishing is brought up he thinks she is kidding. Jeremiah can't see her putting a worm on the hook. So they make a date to see who will catch the most fish. Jeremiah thinks she will back off.
Anna reminds him a little of his sister and she is tiny so he calls her little bit.
Jeremiah likes Anna but decides to court her sister instead.

One Evergreen Night by Debby Lee

Emma Pearson is a orphan with her only relative her brother. They are working in the lumber camp and she hates it. She knows it is such a dangerous place to work.
Frederick Corrigan has a risky job driving the train and just last week the other train crashed and killed its conductor. Frederick is trying to get a promotion he wants to get his father's house from being auctioned off.
Frederick wants Emma to like him when he rescues a little runt of piggletss he gives it to her. He named it Bacon.

All Ye Faithful by Gina Welborn

E.V. for every week has been asking if Mr Whitworth if he can court his daughter Larkin. He always get told no. He runs a saw mill.
Larkin keeps hoping E.V. will ask her father if he can court her not knowing that he has been doing that for two years.
Mr. Whitworth thinks he only wants to marry her for the family money.
The Whitworth family lost their son a few years ago and are holding tight onto Larkin.
Larkin almost gets brave enough to ask him about courting her.
Another family is trying to use a lumber contract to make his own daughter a better match. E.V. wants the contract so he does escort her to help others to pay more attention to her.

A Carpenter Christmas by Mary Davis

Natalie Bollen wants Willum Tate to ask her father if he can court her. When she turns 18 she lets him know it. Her father is the preacher.
Willum was engaged a few years ago but was left at the alter when his bride ran off with a richer suiter. He has trust issues.
A fire burnt down a couple of businesses and the church. They all hire Willum to build them again. The church building fund was stolen.
Natalie reacted and fainted when she saw the little shack Willum was living in. She accepted a ride in another gentleman buggy after and 'willum saw.
Willum left town after but he kept hearing a voice at night saying build my house. So he went back and paid for the lumber and could not accept help on the church.
Natalie was determined to win his trust back in her.
I enjoyed reading these books. I wish some of them were a little longer but they were a quick read. Thier was no sex scenes in any of them, or swear words.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
09/01/2012 PUB. Barbour Publishing 355 pages

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