Sunday, September 9, 2012

Light My Fire by Donna Kauffman


Light My Fire is romance action story. It does have some love scenes in it.
The two main characters are wounded,stubborn heroes.
Jenna King was a smoke jumper but her last fire she got hurt and her partner died. Jenna is staying at Paradise Canyon Rehabilitation Ranch. She decided to leave without telling anyone. Jenna packed her clothes in a borrowed laundry bag and started to hike out.
Jenna thought she was healed enough but she was not ready, when the path she was on fell down the ravine. Jenna was stuck with ankle swelling and rain starting.
T.J. Delahaye was on a small hike saying goodby before his last doctor appointment than leaving to catch a plan back to where is work is stationed. When T.J. finds a white bra he decides to follow and see who left it.
T.J. was about to turn around and head back to Paradise when he heard noises and screaming. he was on the top of path when he saw Jenna and asked her if she was okay.
She said she was and to go back and then said go find shelter.
T.J. could see she was hurt and tried to get down to her. When he fell and tumbled down the mountain. He went past her and down and got stuck. with water rising.
Jenna tried to see where he went over and ended up sliding again and landed on him.
Now both were hurt worse, water rising and no way to get help.
They are both determined to save each other and not want any help but have to work together.
You have to admire what they both are willing to do and suffer to try and help each other and Bob a lamma they rescued on their journey.
Based on this book I would read more from Donna Kauffman.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
9/10/2012 PUB Random House Publishing Group imprint Loveswept

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