Saturday, September 15, 2012

To Have and to Code by Debora Geary

5 Stars

I stayed up till 2:00 am because I could not put the book down. I did not think that this book would be as good as the other ones in the series, but I was wrong.
In the series this book goes back to 1997 when Nell met Daniel. So I knew how they ended up lately and thier family. But I was hooked to learn about that time period in thier lives.
This book was great I learned so much about characters that I thought I knew. It also reminded me that thier is so much to learn. Like Nell's other brothers. Who are they? Where are they now?
Daniel is known as the Hacker. He gets bored easily especially with computer games. He found a new game that is a challenge. He really likes it. So he hacked in and he stole things from other players. But some of thier codes did not work and when that code did not work the game said that it needs magic.
Daniel got into the secret part of the game. He fought the Wizard and was making headway before the lights went out in the game. Daniel figured that the Wizard was Jamie one of the creaters. He also found that the second best player the gypsie was the other creater Nell.
Hacker was interviewed by Jamie and Nell and was hired to shore up thier holes in the security.
Nell is a fire witch. with other talents. She is firey with the temper to match. Her best friend is getting married soon and moving to Texas.
When the Hacker steals some of her hidden supplies in the game and then challenges her.
She loose her temper. When Jamie tricks her into meeting the Hacker she gets mad.
But after meeting him she hires him to work down in the dungeon.
Nell's mother got shown some of the future when she was born but decided that she would not tell Nell till she was older. Especially the part that said her future child will be the most powerful witch born and be in danger because of his power. (of course he is one of my favorite characters in the other books,)
I love To Have and To Code along with the other books in the series if you have not read Modern Witch pick it up you will fall in love with it too. This is a clean read.
I bought this ebook from Amazon the day I found it was out and read it right away. I want more of this series soon.
Fireweed Publishing (September 12, 2012) 364 pages

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