Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forever Werewolf: Forever Werewolf\Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf

Two books are better than one. I am going to review Forever Wolf here than go ahead and read Moon Kissed ane review after.
Forever Werewolf
Is a hot book. Thier are a few love scenes that I skipped over my choice. Also some swearwords.
Trystan Hawkes is a good hero,brave,strong and different than most werewolves. He is sent to Castle Wulfsiege to deliver a package to the princple only. Trystan has never lived in a pack and he is courious. Right after he meets Alexis Conner and tells her he can only give it to her father a avalanch slams into the castle and breaks a window.
Trystan has rescued people from a avalanch before and he knows time is of the essence. The princple is sick so he grabs some other werewolves and starts them to rescueing.
he works as long as he can till he has to stop.
Trystan is so worried about the ones who are still missing but he gets the package to the princple and forgets how he is supposed to behave around him.
Alexis is always wearing sunglasses to hide how she is different from the ones around her. She admires that Trustan cared aboout the trapped werewolves and works hard to find them.
Trystan is warned away from Alexis because he is half vampire & have werewolve. He also makes a powerful enemy in Sven. People think he will be second in command soon.
Alexis is different from other werewolves because she can't shift and since she can not shift she can't have children.
Nice storyline. like most of the characters except for the ones I hate. Will read more books from Michele after I read this one.

Moon Kissed
Moon Kissed was all about sex it seamed to me.
Belladonna was running out at night and a group of vampires were chasing her. She went into a warehouse straight into a guy. Severo he scared her too but hid her and was rough and kissed her.
Severo was a werewolf that hated vampires. The vampires wanted to hurt
belladonna and he guarded her. they had a lot of sex.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgalley.
Harlequin Nocturne (October 1, 2012) 576 pages

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