Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Man of Distinction by Sarah M. Anderson


A Man of Distinction is hot book. Thier are a lot of sex scenes that I skimmed over.
This book has a lot of layers to it. Enviroment theme,poor medical coverage for those in need,wealth & power,possesions,poverty.
Nick Longhair is now a rich enviromental lawyer that lives in a high rise condo in
Chicago. He dates the owner's daughter. Has made it in the world. Then he gets a case that deals with a case of poisoning the water of a certain area on the reservation. He is told its your people go take care of it. Realizes is boss is predjuce.
Nick walks into the reservation office and is greeted coolly and professional by the receptionist.Tanya Rattling Blanket.
Tanya is his old girl friend they last saw each other 2 years ago. They had one more night together and then he went back home to Chicago. He does not know why she is acting like they are strangers or hurt.
Nick family was really poor when he was growing up and did not have the best care of him. Nick always talked about leaving and getting rich one day. Tanya is the one who wanted to stay on the reservation.
Tanya is now a single mother of a little boy who does not talk and hear so well. They call him bear. No one realizes and know that Nick is the father because of how small he was when born.
When Nick realized that he was the father he fell in love with Bear. Wanted to give him everything that he wanted when he was young. But first he wanted to get him into see a doctor. The one Tanya had been referred too but could not get in because of lack of money.
Nick Threw his power and money at the doctor and got in that week. With all the tests he wanted done that day. Nick knew what the law suit was claiming and he was afraid that his son might be his best evidence for proving damage. He also saw Tanya's mother
having problems too. He knew She lived in the zone that covered the lawsuit. Tanya showed no signs but she did not live in the hot zone. So he also ordered tests of her water and got her into see a doctor right away.
Nick and Tanya had a lot of issues to work out before they could have a future. The main one was not communicating in the past and keeping secrets now from each other.
I would read more books by Sarah in the future because I did enjoy reading it.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Desire imprint 192 pages

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