Monday, September 24, 2012

The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson


I decided on giving 5 STARS because I wanted more. I was not ready for it to end at all. I like Cal she is strong,independant,loves to read, smart and really doesn't understand what modern life is about.
Cal lives with her parents in the wilderness in a cabin. She met her first new person the Sheriff when she was 10. She hunted for meet and provided it for her family.
Her parents always told Cal not to trust people and don't tell anyone what she can do.
One day her parents were killed on thier bike and Cal was sent to live with her aunt and her boyfriend.
Cal really liked hot water. wearing clothes her mom made or some from thrift store she went to school for the first time at 16. Cal was smart. She has read most of the encylopedia and tons of books. She was teased at school a lot.
Her's Aunts boyfriend started to get ideas about her. Especially while drinking so Cal stayed away as much as possible.
One night she was in the cematary and saw a bunch of people holding a boy from school who lives close to her being beat up as a message for his brother. She told them to stop and they came after her. she hurt one and was able to reach her knife and threaten them away. The boy's name was Cal too. He saw her scars before she ranoff.
A few days later he saw her scars and realized that she was the one to help him.
Cal started calling her Calie and trying to learn more about her. Cal was living with his brother. They were bikers and had a lot of parties. Cal was popular with the girls and slept around without making any promises.
Calie was trying to stay away from him the exact oppisite he was used too. Calie helped Cal rescue his brothers pit bull from being killed by calming all the dogs in the shelter so they could rescue him. Calie loved animals and good change thier moods easliy.
Their is lots of drama in Calie's life trying to fit in a modern school, living with her Aunt and her boyfriend. Her powers start to change.
Cal and Calie are getting really close. Cal feels different about Calie than he has anyone else. Then Cal finds out about a group that Calies parents belonged too.
Someone else found out that Calie existed and wants her for his sceince experiments.
More drama of a different kind then happens in the story.
I really enjoyed it thier was a short love scene that did not get graphic but I don't like it when everyone takes it for granted.
At first glance you don't think Cal and his brother are the good guys. But the more you know you see how much they care about each other and thier good side.
This I believe the second book I have read from Derrolyn Anderson and it won't be the last one.
I was contacted by the author and given this ebook with a request to give it honest reviews when I finshed.
08/29/2012 PUB ASIN: B00947X3VI 221 pages

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