Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guardians Inc.: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain


I listened to the book on my kindle and enjoyed it, but I felt a little lost sometimes.
I would probably not had that same problem if I had read it.
This is a clean read, a adventure,fantasy book with the main character is 15 year old
Thomas Byrne.
Thomas Byrne parents went on a two month cruise and he stayed with his grandfather while they were gone. For some reason the whole ship disappeared in a area that is like the Bermuda triangle.
Thomas grandfather feels guilty because the cruise was his gift. Morgan is 72 year old accountant. He wants to get a job so he can do more for Thomas but no one wants to hire an 72 year old.
Thomas sees an ad for a librain assistant and shows his grandfather. The ad reads different for Thomas than for his grandfather.
The job opens into a different world for both of them. Weird things happen to them.
Thomas got a job as the assistant but Morgan got a job with them in accounting. They can't talk about thier jobs even between them.
Thomas finds himself working in a place of a library with almost every book that has been written. Even some books that the world at large don't know about. books appear and disappear when he puts them into the computer.
Thomas finds out that he can read and translate all different writings.
Something as taken Thomas grandfather and as attacked him. Thomas finds himself in the
middle of a war between Magic and technology. If Thomas can't find a certain book than
magic wins and the world could go back to the dark ages like the last time the book was not found in time.
Thier is magic,elves,robots that seem life like, garoyles who come to life and many other things that Thomas thought were just myths in books come true. The world is counting on him to save it.
I would like to read the next novel and see what happens next to Thomas. Can he win the race or will all lives be affected.
I won this book from Librarything and asked in exchange if I would give an honest review of it. I would put this book in section with percy jackson,harry Potter and ranger apprentice fans to enjoy.
February 26, 2011 PUB Publisher: Julian Rosado-Machain; 238 pages

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