Saturday, September 29, 2012

Image in the Looking Glass by Jacquelyn Cook


This story is set at the closing of the Civil War in Andersonville, GA. To me I really some of the horrors that prisoners of war faced. With all the horrors of people not having enough food.
This story is a suspense story who you are never sure of who is doing what to whom. I kept guessing all along the book. I would say I guessed right at one time I did but kept changing my mine again and again.
Jacquelyn painted pictures in my head with her words. I would read more books from her again. This book is a clean read except for the truth of horrible conditions of war.
Caroline Hannah had to leave her collage because of the danger of war. Her father wanted her to be safe with relatives close to Anderville. Her Cousin Penelope wrote her to come stay. When Caroline got to the Plantation she recieved a letter letting her know both her father and her fiance had been killed in the war.
After reading the letter Caroline ran and hid in the garden weeping. She over heard her other cousin Sophronia saying it would be better if Caroline would leave.
Even the cook kept telling Caroline to leave the plantation for her safety.
Caroline could not leave, she had no money and no where to go. Her cousin Sophronia was welcoming to her face but when she had attack and couldn't remember her name she wanted her gone.
Penelope seemed to run Looking Glass plantation and after she heard of Caroline's father dying she was not so welcoming after all.
Sophronia son came to visit for short time and everyone spoiled him. He wanted to marry Caroline but she wanted to just be friends. Everyone was preparing for the wedding even after she kept saying no.
Accidents kept happening to Caroline and she was told a witch wanted her to leave.
Caroline got to meet an army officer that was at the Andersonville prison camp and he told about the horrors he kept seeing they did not have enough room,medicine or even enough food for them and hundreds of them kept coming.
Caroline was falling in love with Jeremy but he never spoke of love or a future with each other. Caroline's dog hated Jeremy.
Jeremy was wounded in the war and walks with a limp. He lost his family home and worse his family all died because of the war.
It was a sad time in our history but I did like a glimpse of what that bit of time looked like. I also realized how important the cotton gin was.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
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