Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dark Knight by Donna Kauffman

Dark Knight is the 4th book of a series dirty dozen. I did not realize the order of the books till now. I have read them at of order.But they can all be read so far alone. This is a Loveswept classic.
Scottie Giardi is now in charge of the Delgado's Dirty Dozen after her boss Del testified in court and had to leave to get plastic surgery and new identy.
Delgado's Dirty Dozen is a secret goverment task force. That was started by Seve Delgado. You have to have no relatives and ties to work on the task force. It started with 12 members but as they fall in love they have to stop going out into the field.
Scottie gets a call Christmas using the secret code that was just entered and was surprised to hear her old boss Del calling to give her assignment that she needed to do now. She was to fly to Montana even in the snow storm. Her agent Lucas Blackstone was in trouble.
Lucas Blackstone was undercover and all of a sudden he is being searched by his twin. No one knew he had a twin till now not even Lucas. His twin Logan Blackstone is hunting him down and found him in Montana. No one should have known that he was in Montana undercover and Logan could get his twin killed if he was not stopped trying to reach him.
Logan has to be kept out of the way for 7 to 10 days. Scottie also needed to find out how he got information to find his twin. Scottie makes it to the cabin in Montana and finds him in bed naked dreaming. Scottie goes to try and drug him but he wakes up and tries to stop her. While he is out of commission gets handcuffs on him
Logan is not just a former cop and now bar owner. He has secrets and talents that match Scottie. He gets some control over and over until he makes a deal with Scottie.
Scottie does not want to hurt Logan but will kill him before she lets him endanger his brother and 16 innocent children. Logan does not want to hurt Scottie but he wants to find and meet his brother his only relative. He suspects that Scottie is goverment issue.
(I don't know Lucas's story I wonder if that is a book I missed. would like to know more about his mission.)
Thier are a few love scenes in this novel. I would love to read more books about the dirty dozen.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
9/10/2012 Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Imprint Loveswept 240 pages

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