Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Impulse by Debra Webb


Impulse is the second book of Face's of Evil. I did not want to put the book down untill I finshed it. Next book up will be book 3 and then I will have to wait for the next ones. I read somewhere that it is a 10 or 12 book series when done.
Impulse takes up right after Obsession ends. It is nonstop action and suspense.
Can they find Detective Lori Wells before her kidnapper she turns up Dead.
Special Agent Jess Harris is getting texts from the kidnapper. She is sure it is
the Player who they had to let go of.
The kidnapper is different this time making little changes, showing his face here and thier are things happening back in Virgina that she does not know about.
Jess was asked to come and lead a new task force that would cover different cities and county on cases that don't fall into usuall catergories. Jess knows that soon her FBI badge will be taken away from her.
Thier are more kidnapped victims that are people she knows or has met.
Chief of Police Dan Burnett and the county Sheriff both want Jess to come to work for them. She saved the 5 girls that were missing in the area. Plus Dan does not want her to leave him again.
Back home for Jess her neighbor was murdered and Jess's home was broke into and a message written in blood is on her wall. Thier is also found a wall of pictures of who she suspects is the Player. with pictures of her cut into them.
Jess's FBI Boss thinks she has a fixation on Eric Spears AKA the Player. He wants her off the case. He is worried about law suits and complaints from Eric.
Eric is under watch back in Virgina how can he be their but sene here by witnesses. They eyed his photo. It has to be Eric or someone he works with.
Thier are detectives who resent that this new Deputy Chief job is being offered to Jess when they have the years in the police force in Birningham. But this new position was created with her in mind after watching her work with police and county and her skills in profiling.
Jess is being attacked which ever way she looks. She is even doubting herself.
I have been drawn to these characters. I wanted Lori to be found in time. I want Jess and Dan to work out and the Player to be caught. I need to go read the next book!
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
08/07/2012 PUB Grand Central Publishing Imprint Forever Yours

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