Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cedar Creek Seasons by Eileen Key, Becky Melby, Rachael Phillips, and Cynthis Ruchti

4 stars This is a collection of four novels set in same town,Cedarburg, Wisconsin but at different seasons of the year. A Contest of Wills by Becky Melby Willow Miles jumps into Polar Bear Dip then grabs her kids and gets into her van when the door of the van falls off. She is in a bath robe freezing and sees someone else in the parking lot and sees if he can help. Wilson Woodworth can't fix her car but does give them all a ride home. He gets invited in for chilli. Wilson is an artist and lives in a barn he is entering a contest to win a years rent of store in a mall for a year. He also offers to give willow's daughter art lessons in exchange for some cleaning. Willow inheirited the children from a friend who died. She makes childrens furnature and cleans houses to make extra income. She sees the contest to win free rent for a year. She sells on the internet and makes furnature at home so this would let her expand. She is also entering a chilli cookoff. Its cute and funny story with a bunch of comunication errs in it. In Tune with You by Rachael Phillips Chesca Appel is part-time choirmaster and music box shop manager getting ready for Easter celebration. Seth Amundsen is tone deaf football coach and drama that the Paster wants to be part of the program and also wants children to be part of it. Seth gets creatave ideas and he springs them on Chesca with no warning and humor ensues. Like he talks a farmer in letting them use his donkey named stupid in the church. Chesca and Seth grow close over the two months of planning and practices. Then Seth ex-fiance shows up in the choir she has been gone for two years. Also one of the younger girl hates Chesca because she has crush on Seth. Lots of humor and talk about Easter and sharing the gospel in it. Silvery Summer by Eileen Key Claire Parsons has come to where she grew up with her neice and her boyfriend to sell pottery at the Strawberry festaval. While thier her promise ring that she has had for over 40 years has a prong broken and the jewelry shop where he had made it is just right thier. She thinks the store has been sold probably and he would not be thier it was so long ago. He broke her heart years ago. Eli Mueller comes out to the front of the store and he sees Claire. Claire hurries off and leaves her purse on the counter. Eli has never married. He has waited years to see Claire again and wants to ask her why. Eli figures out where she is and takes her purse to her. It has been 40 years since they saw each other and never have they gotton over each other. Its touching story. you want them to get back together and be happy. Maybe Us by Cynthia Ruchti Beth Schurmer could not get a job teaching after collage so she came back to run her grandmas yarn shop and take care of her grandfather. A couple of shops down from hers a new bakery is open and has Brownies for 4.50 a piece. She decides she will get one to try. Derrick Hofferman is the new baker. He is really tall and clumsy. He likes Beth and listening to her grandfather's stories. He is creating new brownies and is letting them taste test for him. Derrick is keeping secrets about why he is in town and spending so much time in the yarn store. He likes Beth and her grandfather. It is a touching story. I like Derrick. I enjoyed read all four stories. They are different from each other but all are clean, no sex scenes or swear words. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley. 9/1/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing,Inc.

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