Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett


Blaze of Winter is a A Loveswept Contemporary Romance. It is book 2 in the Star Harbor Series featuring the Grayson brothers.
Thier are a lot of love scenes that I skimmed over.
Theo Grayson is a writer who has writer block. So he is giving himself two months to go to his hometown of Star Harbor and see if he can start a new book. Theo is also thinking of the changes he has made and what he really wants in his life.
But Theo is not finding much quite staying on a houseboat with two of his brothers, especially sharing a cabin with Cole. Someone suggests he stay at the bed & breakfast or rent a place.
Avery Newbridge is a social worker from Boston but she has burnout and came to help
her Aunt run the bed and breakfast while she was getting cancer treatments.
When Avery sees Theo wants a room for two months or so she tells him that is not a good idea it would cost a lot for that he would be better off renting a apartment.
Avery thinks Theo is good looking.
Avery does not realized who he is and that he is a famous writer and money is not a worry for him.
Being at the bed and breakfast and talking to Avery he finally knows what he wants to base his story on. He also spends a lot of time at Lexie's cafe. He wrote thier for hours.
His twin brother the chef is still trying to get Lexie reciepe for coconut cake but she won't share with him till after thier wedding. They finally agree on a wedding soon because Lexie's parents are coming for a visit.
While Theo and Avery are out late walking on the beach to get an idea of what his pirates might have seen at night. He notices some boats out after midnight and then they hear noises at the Inn and Theo figures out their are drug dealers and call his brother Cole the sheriff.
Thier is a nice community of characters in Star Harbor. I look forward to reading the next two stories about the Graysons.
Thier is romance,priate treasure,drug dealers,sick family,break ins,a wedding and wonderful Christmas in Star Harbor.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publication Date:September 10, 2012 Random House Publishing Group PUB. Imprint Loveswept 318 pages

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