Monday, September 17, 2012

Parallel Spirits by T.S. Welti


It is a tangled romance between two guys and a girl who are possed at times.
I do admit thier were times in the novel that I got twisted and lost for a short time.
Its a very clean romance.
Belinda is a 16 year old girl who's best friend is Frankie.
carrier spirit Mara posses at time Belinda she has been trying for over 300 years to get back to a human body of her own.
Mara helps Belinda to meet Conor 17 year old who goes to private school. Mara takes over Belinda when things get aukward for her.
Frankie is 16 year old surfer. He has been friends with Belinda for ever and they went on one date but belinda was afraid of losing his friendship. Frankie is jealous of Conor.
Mara recongizes that Frankie was a carrier spirit that killed her boyfriend 100s of years ago and has earned a body back. She wants Belinda to drop him even as a friend. She is pushing Conor for Belinda.
I got tangled in the story and cared about them. lots of drama and some action.
I was given this ebook in exchange of giving honest review from Librarything.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 13, 2012) 246 pages

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