Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Shadow on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson


The Shadow on the Quilt made me question what would I do if I were in this situation.
I would not be so forgiving and generous. This story dwelt with some tough issues that a lot of people find themselfs in and handled it all with such love and faith.
Juliana Sutton found a locket with pictures of a women,baby and bit of the baby's hair.
It also had a name engraven on it. Juliana found it in her husbands pants. She was hurt and so angry at her husband of 10 years.
Before she could confront her husband they heard the sounds of the fire bell ringing.
Aunt Theodora and Aunt Lydia both lived in the big house with Juliana and Sterling.
They had never married and love Sterling so much and he loves them.
Sterling had said he had to go to the office and work after dinner. When Theodora heard the fire bell and they could see the smoke of the fire right in the middle of town. They called Sterling but no one answered the phone.
The Aunts wanted to go and make sure Sterling was safe. So Juliana agreed to go with them in the horse and buggy. They found the office empty and no sign of Sterling.
They saw the fire was actually at the brothel. Two people died in the fire. One was a working lady their the other was Sterling.
The Sheriff came and told them that Sterling had run into the building to try and save her. Juliana figured out that it was not probably true.
Juliana inheirited all of her husbands money and businesses except for a trustfund for the Aunts. They lived in a big house but Sterling was building a way bigger and fancier house right out of town. Sterling wanted possesions and figured someday to run for govenor. The three of them did not want to move into the house so what to do about it was the question for Juliana.
Cass Gregory saw the fire at the brothel and hurried to find out if his mother and sister Sadie made it out. They had made it out safely. Cass for years did not know where his mother and Sadie were. Finally they found each other. He could not get Sadie to quit working and his mother would not quit working at the brothel till she did.
No one knew that Margaret was his mother and Sadie his sister. It was his Ma's wishes.
Cass was foreman on building the boss's house.
Ludwig Meyer offered Sadie and Marget come stay at his house. He had been asking Sadie to marry him for awhile.
Jenny and her baby lived in a farm house by themselves but it would not be for long. She knew that Sterling would move them to a different city so they could raise up Johnny together and know that no one would know that Johnny was born out of wedlock.
What was she going to do now? She was feeling sick and so tired all the time.
The story was well written and made you feel for the different characters and how it would all turn out. There is plenty of drama to keep my attention. The characters were all different and had good and bad traits in them. It was a clean read and had a little bit of religion in them with people living good examples of faith and bad examples. It showed all of us need work.
I would read more from Stephanie books in the future if they are as good as The Shadow on the Quilt.
I was given this ebook to read for free in exchange of honest review of the book from Netgalley.
09/01/2012 PUB. Barbour Publishing,Inc.

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