Saturday, September 29, 2012

Champagne Kisses by Zuri Day


Champagne Kisses is a Drake family story. Thier are a few love scenes that skimmed over with. Thier is plenty of plot besides the love scenes in this book.
It also deals with a lot of issues that are happening in this modern world. Like stalking, privacy when you are alone is not always safe as you think. hidden pictures take and put on internet. Dumb mistakes that collage students too that haunt you for years.
Being a mother of two collage age girls I worry about some of these issues for a good reason.
I love the Drake family. Thier history,thier love and support for each other is wonderful. They are welcoming people into thier world.
The Drakes inheirited a lot of property. They have built up a good business and now they are expanding even built a resort on it.
Diamond and Jackson just got married and about to leave on thier honeymoon for two weeks. Donovan Drake got a phone call from his assistant that she is in the hospital and has to have surgery.
Donovan cares for her she has been thier for decades. Donovan is heir to Drake Wines Resort & spa. He is the oldest of the three Drake children. Now that his mother has married one off turns her hands to her oldest.
Jackson said how about his assistant help for the two weeks he will be on his honeymoon she could help get the reports entered in the computer and wont spill the beans to anyone.
Marissa Hayes has had bad luck with guys. Even her best friend turned into a jerk and still was. He tried to drug her drink at a bar. But a couple saw him do it and warned her.(Yeah for them) He keeps stalking her she has already changed her job once for him.
Marissa is now very causious now. But boy she is attracted to Donovan.
I look forward to the last Drake brother I am sure that this playboy will have his own book too.
I don't drink achol but it is interesting to read about it and it's history,
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.
10/012012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Kimani Romance 225 pages

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