Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Great Gift by Misty Wright


The Great Gift is a good story but I never got lost in the story.
I thought Brandt was going to be the romantic lead in the story.
The rest of the characters were fine but I felt that they were pushed
to go a different direction than they wanted to go.
Everyone seemed rushed to get into a relationship too fast. Especially
Alyssa who at 26 had a lot of bad boyfriends. Almost got married to a guy
who was already married with kids. Last boyfriend stalked her and
cheated on her many times. I would figure her to be a little bit more wary.
Alyssa is tired of Brandt so she leaves her nice job to go to the outback
two work for 2 weeks as a ranch hand.
Kent is the pilot and she starts being interested in him right away.
When they finally get thier they are interupted in heavy kissing a bunch
of times.
It is a clean read all they show is heavy kissing. It was a enjoyable story
and I am sure Misty will continue to tell better stories the more she learns.
I was given this ebook and asked to give in exchange honest review from
Publisher: iVisionary Media (August 19, 2012) 187 pages

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