Thursday, September 6, 2012

Running Around and Such by Linda Byler


Running Around and Such is supposed to be written by someone who is Amish. So with that knowledge it makes it seem more real.
Lizzie Glick is the main character and its her telling the story. I had a real hard time caring about her. She is overweight,lazy and wants fancier stuff than the simple plain ways. Lizzie also talks back to her parents. She reminds me of me at times.
Lizzie is 15 at start and her older sister is almost 16 and can start dating and going to sings.
Emma is the oldest girl and is good at everything. She likes to cook,sew and willing to work hard and has strong faith. What I usually think of about the Amish women. So I judge Lizzie harder because she does not measure up for me.
Lizzie is selfish and always think that the others are picking at her. She uses food to calm her in stressful times.
Lizzie is trying to understand how finding the right man to marry that Gods wants for her.
Its a simple story with a lot more details of dailey life as a young female teens Amish life.
This is a very clean read that anyone can read and enjoy.
I will read more about Lizzie in the next book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.
09/04/2012 PUB Open Road Media imprint Good Books

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