Monday, September 24, 2012

The Accidental Bride by Christina Skye

4 STARS I really enjoyed the Accidental Bride. It has good friends,loveable dogs and caring comunity. Lots of laughter and sweet emotion too. Jilly has a heart attack and told she needs to leave her stressfull job. She owns her own restraunt, a line of sauces. She was in the middle of dinner rush when she had her attack. After all the tests come back telling her she can't have the stress of cooking and running her restraunt. Her friends rush her to the airport for a flight to whyoming. They tell Jilly its a cooking classes at a resort. So she can relax and brush up on some cooking. They are really sending her to the resort but it is a knitting classes thats thier right now. In the airport waiting for taxi she spills contents of her luggage that her friends packed for her and snacks and underwear spill out in front of a tall handsome guy. She makes friends with his dog even as he warns her he not to good with strangers. Winslow likes Jilly and he really likes the jerky in her pocket. His owner Walker has some good looks too. The next day Jilly finds out that thier are no cooking class but she meets the chef and he has her sauces and uses them. She goes into town on a bike to the coffee shop thier and orders a special coffee. As she thinks of the commitment of cutting out the cafine. She is only one in the store and the clerk asks her to watch the shop while he runs to the bank. A customer comes in and asks were Jonathon is. When she is told he is at the bank the girl is disapointted because she is in a hurry and really wants a fancy coffee. Jilly tells her she can get it for her. Makes her a perfect cup and all fancy. Walker and Winslow comes in and wants just plain coffee. She talks him into trying something and when she is done he really likes it. They flirt a little before he leaves. Jonathon gets told about how good the coffee is. Jilly explains what and how she did it. She had worked in a coffee shop for a couple of years and sat down and explained to Jonathon about his equipment ect. Next day Jonathon asks her to borrow car from resort and come help him for awhile. Thier is a big line out the coffee shop. The girl talked her coffee up and everyone wanted to try it. Walker only came to town once in awhile but meeting Jilly he started showing up more. Walker was a hero who wrisked his life to save others in the community that served with him in the war. He and Winslow were both released for medical injuries so everyone was willing to help him to find love. Walker and Jilly were talked into being married for a good cause. Thier were a few love scenes in the book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/25/2012 PUB HarlequinHQN

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