Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Power Faces of Evil book 3 by Debra Webb


Now I have a favorite series that I will have to continue to read. In the last two days I have read the Face's of Evil 1-3. I love Jess,Lori and Harper characters.
They work well together and get things done. Jess is not making to many friends but she gets the job done.
Special Agent Jess Harris has quit the FBI and her new job is deputy chief of Birmingham's major crimes division. She has no cases yet but her people were working a death of dance teacher Darcy Chandler for the rich. She is hurring the coroner for time of death. Interviewing the dancers and thier mom's. When she gets called into Police Chief's Dan Burnett office and told that it is not her case. She keeps wondering about the things like why were her high heels on the table and not on the body that fell over the balcony.
Jess does get her first case the disappearance of a young black male collage age student. He has been missing for days. Not treated the same as young collage girls that were missing at the same time.
Jess is trying to get over being mad that the case her team tried to steal was taken back. But she kept getting calls about the Dance teacher and given more information.
The coroner on the case had questions that were being ignored. Then Police Chief Dan
Burnett's own mother who hates Jess wants her to know and look more into the death. The next person who asks to meet her is Dan's ex-stepdaughter with a video.
Jess's missing collage student is a good student never in trouble but he was trying to help a young women in trouble who was involved with powerful gang leaders. A gang war is about to start and Jess gets into thier face and threatens them.
It is full of relationships with exs, new person fitting into work drama, gang drama.
she wants Dan to treat her like business coworkers and when he does she wishes he cares.
I definately want to read more books about Jess Harris and gang. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews by Netgalley.
9/04/2012 PUB Grand Central Publishing Imprint Forever Yours

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