Saturday, September 15, 2012

Run the Risk by Lori Foster

4 STARS In Run the Risk is the first of a series called Love Undercover. It has lots of twists and turns. Was not sure who all the good guys and bad guys were till the end of the book, it kept me guessing. Detective Logan Riske is going undercover working in construction in his brother's company. He moved into a apartment next to Pepper Yates who is posing as dowdy Sue Leeks apartment manager. Logan is determined to find Rusty Yates who witnessed a murder of his good friend by a club owner. It took him two years to find Pepper and he wants to be close to her to find her brother. Logan knows the club owner has a bunch of crooked cops on his payroll. He is in charge of the task force to bring down Morton Andrews. Logan comes from money but both his brother Dash and him chose to work for a living. He likes being a cop. He trusts his boss that she is cleaning up the police force. He also trusts his partner Reese.They are the only two who know what he is up too. His boss does not trust Reese. Reese does not trust Lieutenant Peterson. Rusty and Pepper don't trust any cops because they saw so many crooked cops with Morton. They tried to go to a newspaper with the truth but he ended up with his throat cut. Pepper is hiding herself both looks and personality. She misses jogging,sex and her brother. While Logan is hot Pepper tries not to stare but she wants him and decides to have him but under her conditions. She stays dressed the curtans and lights off and he can't touch her. Logan agrees and they have sex a few times. He is dying to know what she is hiding. Liked the story, the characters but not all the sex scenes and swearing in the book. I liked how it kept me guessing what really was going on. I want to see what happens next in Love Undercover. 09/25/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA

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