Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hidden Mickey 5 by David Walter Smith

Hidden Mickey 5 Chasing New Frontiers
I read Hidden Mickey about a month ago and I remember writing the review, but don't know where I put it. Can't see that I posted it anywhere or in my files.
I liked all the details about Disneyland that were included in this treasure hunt mystery book. It was a clean read. It made me want to go back to Disneyland but who doesn't.
Hidden Mickey tells two stories in one is a flashback to around the time Walt Disney died. and what the characters did and what they robbed.
The story is about a Cast member Blain Walters that is working thier during the summer. He is a School teacher and worked at Disneyland to pay for school.
Blain used to come to Disneyland a lot because his father also worked thier and one day as he was sitting on Tom Sawyer island he decided he too would work the canoe rides.
One day as he was paddling the canoe he caught the eye of a girl Missy Johansen. Missy dragged her sister onto the canoe ride so she could see Blain up close. Blain and Missy flirted and he invited the two of them to hear his band play at a local club.
Missy Johansen is Swiss and she has changed her appearance and name so she could visit Disneyland like everyone else. Missy is here in the states touring she is a big popstar. She just wants to be like others her age.
After going to the club to hear Blain's band he asked her out to take her back to Disneyland and he would show her what she missed. While on thier date they find a old walet and want to return it. The more they look into who might have owned it they discover that he died and was a prime suspect in a robbery at Disneyland. The money was never found. Never shown up and they also have half a map in the walet with clues where he hid it if he got caught so his partner could find it.
So Missy and Blain follow the clues as they are doing it, they catch the partners eye and they want the money they stole.
Sometimes the story dragged a little but it was interesting. I would like to read the other books in the series.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
5/01/2011 PUB Synergy Books Publishing Imprint Bookmasters

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