Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crow's Feat by Ken Casper


Jason Crow is back in a new story. Crow's feat is the second book featuring Jason Crow.
I enjoyed the first one As the Crow dies. They are both murder mysteries. Both keep the suspense high till the end.
Jason is not your average hero. He was a double amputee injured in Veitnam War. Jason was told he would never walk again.
It has been eight years since the last story. Jason is now married and a father to 3 almost 4 children. Jason is in the business of restoring old houses, also they have started growing grapes and making jug wines.
He is well liked and sucessful. He is gathering old milatary uniforms for a the July 4 exhibt at the local mall. He gets a call from a Colonel Bartholomew saying he can have his uniform for the exhibt and could he come and get it. Also he has a matter of a personal kind he would like to discuss with him at the time.
Jason goes the next morning to pick up the uniform and finds nobody is thier but the door was not shut all the way. Jason goes into check on the Colonel thinking he might have fallen or something. He finds him murdered with a knife in the back.
He calls the police and reports the murder. He walks around looking for a place he can sit to wait for the police without touching anything.
Later he finds out he is in charge of the estate. Jason figures out and gets involved to find out if the rumors about the Colonel is true and if he did abuse children.
Jason still struggling to do a lot of things but he seam like a real person to me. With real problems and struggles to do what he thinks is right even if it causes more pain and greif for him. I like Jason and would love to read more stories with him solving murders.
I was given this book to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
07/31/2012 PUB BelleBooks, Inc. Imprint Bell Bridge books 258 pages

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