Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obsession Faces of Evil by Debra Webb


Once the story start ti build did not want to stop reading. If I was not already tired I start the next book in the series.
Special Agent Jess Harris life was falling apart. Her marriage is over, her FBI career will be over soon. Worst of all because of her mistake a killer is going to go free.
Her old boyfriend back home in Birmingham has called her for help. He was the Chief of police of Birmingham. 5 collage age girls are missing. Thier is no proof of foul play or crime. They just up and left. They are not even from the same city and some in the county.
Everything the families say is they would not have run a way. Four of them are attending collage. Most have good grades, no way as far as they can see that connects the girls together.
Jess is a profiler and a good one till the last case against the PLAYER. She has worked for two decades for the FBI. She does not know what the future will be but she will do everything she can to find those missing girls. Jess wants to start by interviewing the families and see what they know that might show them a clue.
Jess fell in love Dan Burnett while they were in school together. He chose to stay at home and she chose to leave. Then 10 years ago they reconnected again for one day. He asked for help and she came.
Dan Burnett is Police Chief he has been married a few times. One of the missing girls is his stepdaughter. He does not believe she would runaway. He has never forgotten Jess and is counting on her help.
The Player is now out of jail and is sending Jess texts that is letting her know he is watching her.
The media has found out that Jess is in town and her roll in breaking rules to try and stop The Player is just adding more drama.
Jess chose to have a career over family and now she has neither. Lori is choosing to be a cop over family but is still undecided.
The missing girl's are brave and falling apart but they care too about the others. Andrea is counting on her stepfather to find her.
The drama builds slowly than you don't want to leave till the end and even them you want to read the next two books in the series Faces of Evil.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgally.
August 07, 2012 PUB Grand Central Publishing Imprint Forever Yours 332 pages

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