Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Outlaws Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

4 STARS I liked An Outlaws Christmas. Thier are some love scenes in the end of the book. I liked Piper. At first she is timid but then we find out for one of her kids she is tough enough. Its a snowy winter when Sawyer comes to Blue River, TX on the train in 1915. He is riding his horse for a bit of exercise after the train ride they had taken before going to the hotel. When Sawyer feels like someone is watching him and then he hears the shot. He is shot in the left shoulder and his horse takes off. Sawyer stays on till the horse stops right by the school. Sawyer has come to town to take over as sheriff for his cousin Clay. Clay is busy building up his ranch and with a new baby coming wants to stay home more. Sawyer never thought he would be shot before he even got settle in. Piper is from back east and she is teaching at the one room school and living in the back room. As she is going outside to the outhouse She finds Sawyer's horse and then Sawyer. She is able to get him up and into the school but he falls on the floor. Sawyer is more worried about his horse. Piper is unsure what to do. Thier is a blizard and she is afraid she would get lost trying to get help. She gets the horse into the shed and gives him a bucket of snow and wipes him as good as she can. Piper then tends to the wound as best she can even though she does not want to. She uses the special quilts she has to cover him. She is worried that he is an outlaw. Stays up all night watching him. The next morning Clay McKettricks comes in from his ranch to check on her. His wife Dara Rose is Piper's cousin and worried about her. Piper is glad to see him and told him that a man has been shot and is in the school. Clay is surprised to see his cousin and best friend lying on the floor. Clay gets him on Piper's bed and then goes for the doctor. Who is a dentist not a doctor he is always telling people. The Doctor says thier is no way to take him anywhere, it would kill him. The Doctor promises to get things that Piper will need. Clay will be back soon as he can but his wife is 9 months pregnant. Piper is worried that her being single will ruin her chance of marriage someday and she will lose her job. At least the children won't be coming to school until the weather cleared up a bit. I like how Linda tells stories. I have enjoyed her McKittrick family. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley. 09/25/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinHQN

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